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STROPOLY®TEC meets all rating criteria of the BMI's German Guidelines for SUSTAINABLE BUILDING as well as international requirements of the Green Building Index, which are placed on sustainable building materials and building system solutions.

Sustainability highlights of STROPOLY®TEC production
  • Annually renewable raw material
  • Energy requirements of production
  • Energy demand Transport and construction

Sustainability highlights STROPOLY®TEC buildings
  • Thermal insulation and breathable walls
  • Thermal bridge-free, windproof and torsionally free
  • No heat- or cold-related cracking
  • Moisture resistance, resistant to temporary flooding
  • Resistance to mould, algae and insects

Sustainable resource conservation with STROPOLY®TEC building systems

Environment – Resources and Climate Protection
  • Raw material-related CO2 sink (> 30 t / ha x a for Miscanthus cultivation)
  • Construction environment (reduction of noise, waste, construction site traffic)
  • Ecologically sustainable recycling

Conservation of natural resources
  • Construction Sand / Quartz Sand
  • Wood
  • Petroleum (for thermal insulation, films, fuels for transport)

Human Resources
  • Skilled construction workers, building material production, transport
  • Protecting health in the living area

Energy - Resources
  • Energy for the production of building materials
  • Energy consumption for the construction of buildings

STROPOLY®TEC light construction systems are 
a WIN WIN sustainability
for nature, ecology, climate protection, building and living
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