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Demand for annually renewable raw materials for STROPOLY®TEC:
Approx. 20,000 t/year for 100,000 m³ board production

Special raw material properties wheat / rice straw and miscanthus:
Wax layer, high silicate content, structure = high load capacity, better resistance to moisture and insect attacks as well as relatively flame retardant

Global availability of wheat and rice straw
Globally very large surpluses of wheat and rice straw available
Especially in leading rice-producing countries, straw is often still burned in fields and leads to major environmental pollution and health risks.

Global availability: approx. 580 million t/a wheat straw or 600 million t/a rice straw
(Based on the mass of harvested rice or wheat grain, a usable amount of straw of about 80 % based on the grain mass is calculated)

Miscanthus - our raw material strategy of the future
Miscanthus straw has advantages over wheat and rice straw in terms of storage, quality and supply security of the raw material as well as for production and product properties
Miscanthus can be cultivated worldwide in temperate to tropical climates in an agriculturally ecologically advantageous and easy way. Advantageous, because after a single planting can be harvested annually for over 20 to 30 years.
Required cultivation areas depending on the climate zone: 700 to 1,300 ha per 100,000 m³ STROPOLY®TEC production (15 to 40 t/ha).

Miscanthus cultivation is ecologically very beneficial for soil protection, biodiversity and improvement of the greenhouse gas balance with a
CO2 reduction > 30 t CO2 / ha* a or 0.84 to 1.6 t CO2 / t STROPOLY TEC

Miscanthus is cultivated in Europe and worldwide; currently mainly as a renewable energy crop for the production of "green" fuel pellets (currently = niche market)

Miscanthus for STROPOLY TEC sets new standards for the industrial use of Miscanthus:

A versatile Win Win for agriculture, nature, sustainable building and housing as well as multiple for climate protection.

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