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an annually renewable
monolithic ALL-IN-ONE light construction system

STROPOLY® TEC is despite its lightweight of 250 kg / m³
a statically load-bearing construction material,
which ALL-IN-ONE is also highly thermally insulating,
excellent moisture resistant and perfectly breathable;
free of formaldehyde and other toxic emissions,
good resistance to mould and algae attacks
and attacks of insects, including ants and termites;
mechanical machinability of the material is very simple
and without any health risk

STROPOLY®TEC can offer a brilliant wide variety of products:

Light Construction Board products:

STROPOLY®TEC Basic boards with thicknesses of 80 to 450 mm

STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards with thicknesses of 100 to 450 mm

With standard board formats depending on the production plant:

  • 2,500 x 1,250 mm   (Production plant type "Lippborg")
  • 5,700 x 2,250 mm   (Production plant type "Schönebeck")

Products of further added value:

  • Ready-for-assembly system components for prefabricated construction
       a)  STROPOLY®TEC exterior and interior wall elements
             with fire resistance classes up to F 120 (120 minutes)
             including windows, doors etc.,

       b) STROPOLY®TEC exterior wall/facade elements for high-building
            including correspondingly a)

       c) STROPOLY®TEC floor, ceiling and roof elements

  d) Special STROPOLY®TEC fire protection elements

  • STROPOLY®TEC room modules

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