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The STROPOLY®TEC production technology and machine technology is based on an already successfully proven machine and plant technology, which has been innovatively modified and adapted for the industrial production of STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards.

The main feature of the patented STROPOLY®TEC technology is that chips from annually renewable fiber plants are bound with a novel binding agent specially developed for STROPOLY®TEC to form a monolithic lightweight material.

Important technology and competitive differentiation from conventional MDF/OSB made of straw:
  • Wax layer and silicate content are obtained (no energy and water intensive refining required!)
  • Input moisture content of straw in production process: Up to 18 % (no energy intensive drying required !!)
  • Pressing process at < 100 C - Heat is generated exothermically   

STROPLOY®TEC production systems are sensationally energy-saving

Electrical + thermal energy requirement: approx. 35 kWh per m³ of manufactured light construction boards
(For comparison: Energy requirements of conventional MDF/OSB systems are up to 130 kWh/m³ electrical + up to 600 kWh/m³ thermal)

In the production of sandwich panels, the planking takes place in one and the same process step with the pressing of the base material
= Hybrid-monolithic composite of base board and planking.
The planking is done on one or both sides. Various materials can be used as planking: gypsum or cement-bound panels, wood, OSB, etc.

STROPOLY®TEC production lines are exceptionally flexible and allow a very wide variety of different products to produce basic and sandwich boards with different thicknesses and densities. The product change can take place during ongoing operation. The systems can be operated single-shift to round-the-clock. The start-up and shut-down process of the plant takes less than one hour.

Compared to conventional straw and wood MDF/OSB production plants, the investment costs are < 50%.

Standard STROPOLY®TEC production plants see overview on the left

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