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The unique position of the load-bearing structures constructed from STROPOLY®TEC light construction boards is that the "load-bearing shell" also fulfils all the structural-physical functions required for energetically, ecologically and biologically sustainable and cost-efficient construction:       

ALL-IN-ONE Light Construction Board  System Solutions

Single-shell monolithic STROPOLY®TEC wall system = solid building

The system's own basic STROPOLY®TEC construction method consists in the fact that prefabricated system components are glued together in a force- and form-fitting manner.

Due to the monolithic structure of the light construction boards and the force- and form-fitting connection e.g. from STROPOLY®TEC wall or facade elements to each other, the buildings built of STROPOLY®TEC have a monolithic building envelope, which also has a resilient flexibility in itself.
This means, for example, that in the event of earthquake-related vibrations, the entire building structure moves within itself without breaking apart. The basic building structure remains intactly even in the event of stronger earthquakes.

Buildings built with STROPOLY®TEC have a monolithic building envelope, are sustainably free of thermal bridges, windproof and torsion-free, open to diffusion and highly resistant to moisture and weather.

STROPOLY®TEC sets new standards for industrially prefabricated construction, as a very high degree of prefabrication can be achieved without complex prefabrication lines. This applies both to the construction of solitary single- to multi-family houses, hybrid building construction (use as facade / exterior wall elements and for interior fittings) and the extension of existing building fabric.
With STROPOLY®TEC systems, small and medium-sized construction companies as well as craft businesses are also enabled to carry out buildings with a high degree of prefabrication.

STROPOLY®TEC construction system solutions are suitable for all climate zones, including earthquake and flood risk areas.
After events of temporary flooding, STROPOLY®TEC dries out quickly again without that structural-physical properties such as statics and thermal insulation are damaged.

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