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A material changes the natural habitat in the long term. 
Environmentally sound construction is only possible
if the product development is already ecologically thought out.

This maxim was and is our motivation, inspiration and strategy to develop an innovative and holistically sustainable material system for the construction industry, which has very versatile structural-physical properties and enables novel, creative and previously unimaginable complex building system solutions:

The STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Board System, a monolithic ALL-IN-ONE system material produced from annually renewable fiber plants, which comprehensively meets the globally growing legal requirements for SUSTAINABLE BUILDING / GREEN BUILDING INDEX.

The use of annually renewable raw materials as an ecologically sustainable building material resource is not new. There are a variety of different building material components, such as for example different fibre panels, thermal insulation boards or simply straw bales, but they all have one thing in common: They are only individual functional building material components.

In contrast: The STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Board System combines all functional building material components and structural-physical properties required for the construction of a house in a single building material:

"STROPOLY®TEC enables complete houses"

Behind this innovative development achievement is the Udo Gröpper family from Hamm / Westphalia and their STROPOLY®TEC Key Team, a group of committed, experienced and self-confident engineers who have achieved this epoch-making breakthrough after many years of creative and persistent work. 
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